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Product Concept

What is XUBÁZ™?

XUBÁZ functional scarf is a scarf for all seasons. It has
pockets and two straps, which secure the scarf to the
wearer's waistband. The pockets can be worn facing
either "in" or "out".

What it is used for

XUBÁZ Functional Scarves are used like other scarves,
but because they come with pockets, they can replace
a jacket, coat, hand bag or wallet, leaving the wearer
wearing (or carrying) less…

What makes it cool

On the surface, it looks like a scarf, but XUBÁZ
Functional Scarves offer so much more than that.
Here is what makes them unique:

Two upper pockets (not all styles have them)
secured with flaps, snaps, latches and buttons
“nested” pockets within either the upper or the
lower pockets
Two lower pockets with a latch and a button, or
with a vertical zipper
Two adjustable and detachable straps, called
Xues™ accessories. Most Xues are fitted with an
(aligator) grip on one end and a decorative
button on the other. Some Xues namely the
ones for the Cargo II and the Ultrasuede are
secured to the XUBÁZ using sturdy side-release
Two Xue Holes™, one on each side of the XUBÁZ
Functional Scarf
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