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What the press says about XUBÁZ Functional Neckwear:

"The XUBAZ looked equally good on the men and women."
"We left wishing we had a XUBAZ to wear out that night."

Lyra Mag

March 2008

Maggie Barry for Xubaz fashion show

"Reinterpreting the conventional scarf, Xubaz functional neckwear is lined with six hidden pockets for passports, boarding passes and more. Detachable, adjustable straps secured to your waistband keep it from shifting."

DreamScapes Travel &
Lifestyle Magazine (Canada)

May/June 2007

"You are about to head out for a day in Athens and it’s far too hot to wear a jacket or sling a bulky backpack over your shoulders. So where do you put your wallet, camera or MP3 Player? This scarf-like item has six pockets and, to keep it all in place, two straps – the manufacturer calls them XUES™© - that secure it to your waistband. Perfect for the Tilley fan who just needs more personal storage space. Retails for $44.50."

The Globe and Mail (Canada)

May 2007

"See how form meets function with Xubáz functional neckwear (xubaz.com). With four pockets on each item, Xubáz reinterprets the conventional scarf, making it a practical and stylish accessory that complements today’s mobile lifestyle."

TimeOut New York Magazine

January 2007

"For those of you who like to travel as much during off-season as you do over the holidays, this travel scarf is a must-have."    


January 2007

"Leave the fanny pack and money belt at home. Try a XUBÁZ, a lightweight scarf with strategically hidden pockets for your passport, boarding passes, credit cards, even an iPod Nano. Sling one over your neck and "you can be hands-free", says designer Bernt Kuhlmann, who added straps that attach to your waistband for extra security."    

Rebeca Grice

InStyle Magazine

December 2006

"For stress-free travel this holiday season pack wisely and light. A new uni-sex accessory, the XUBÁZ, which is worn like a scarf and contains pockets to keep everything handy! Lined with hidden pockets, the XUBÁZ is suitable to carry passports, boarding passes, licenses, iPods and cell phones in an easy-to-find design. The stylish exterior of the XUBÁZ allows the fashion forward to flaunt a new accessory while the interior organizes the important necessities for travel. The XUBÁZ is available online at http://www.xubaz.com ($49.50) in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Bernt Kuhlmann, an Austrian native, grew frustrated with the need to wear a jacket to store his personals while traveling whether over the holidays or for work. The idea of the XUBÁZ was born when Bernt began to travel very havily. XUBÁZ is an easy travel accessory that has never been more appropriate than now."

NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2006 /PRNewswire

More of what the press says about XUBÁZ Functional Neckwear:

"Even more timely may be resort developer Bernt Kuhlmann's scarf-with-pockets - a sort-of wearable carry-on….. "

"Called the Xubaz (pronounced shoe-baz) Functional Neckwear, Kuhlmann's scarf stows a traveller's money, iPod and keys. Kuhlmann hired former Ralph Lauren men's wear designer Keith Lissner and the two made the scarf initially in both a lightweight all-weather, travel-synthetic material and a luxe hybrid that feels like kidskin, and in five colours…."

"You hear all these anecdotes about people getting through the metal detector and their wallet is no longer in the security bucket, but what thief is going to think to grab your neckwear first?"

"This autumn, Kuhlmann will add a new terrycloth Xubaz to the range, so that once on vacation, active types such as joggers will no longer have to load down their shorts with wallets and iPods."

Syl Tang

Financial Times

September 2006

"It's important to have all your documents at the ready while traveling, but who can stand to wear a fanny pack? Lighten your load in style and leave your coat, purse and even your wallet at home with the latest in travel wear, the Xubáz (pronounced "shoe baaz"). This unisex, scarf-like accessory has strategically hidden pockets designed to hold all of your lightweight valuables such as passports, boarding passes credit cards, keys and even slim cell phones or iPods. Straps called "Xues" attach the Xubáz to your waistband to prevent it from flying away on it's own."

"….It will also keep you warm if your airline doesn't provide blankets, which it probably doesn't."

Lauren Coyne

New York Daily News

August 13, 2006

"If you're already stretching that "one carry on bag plus one personal item" airline rule (like you're really going to choose between your MacBook and your Kate Spade), the Xubáz travel scarf may help you cut down on a bit of stress.

This scarf is the sexier version of those awful under-the-shirt travel belts. The new travel accessory is lined with strategically hidden pockets to carry lightweight valuables, travel documents and small gadgets (just remember, no liquids!) and is already a favorite with jet set celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Jeremy Piven."

Amber Ray

New York Metro

August 16, 2006

"Now hear this: Scarves do not count against the two carry-on limit. So if you can manage to tie your wallet, keys or other accoutrements in a neat little neck warming ball, you might save enough space to avoid checking the old roller. Or you could drape a Xubáz travel scarf across your nape and get your Bond girl on as you slip your x-ray vision sunglasses and secret credit card cameras (or, you know, your iPod) in to the stealthy inner pockets."

Greg Presto

Z!NK Magazine

August 2006

"I was traveling a few weeks ago and trying to only have one carry-on and so I did not bring a purse only a laptop bag. Unfortunately I did not want to lug my laptop bag around all week so I took my wallet out. Long story short, I left my wallet in one location and didn't realize it until I was hours away and had to beg a friend to drive me back. I could have used a Xubaz. What's a Xubaz? Basically it is looks like a scarf but it also has places for your wallet, iPod, lipstick, keys and boarding pass. There are also a couple of clips that you can attach to your belt or outfit so that when you bend over to deal with your luggage your Xubaz doesn't go flopping all over the place. The Xubaz can be easily rolled up and stashed when not in use."

Deidre Woolard

Luxist Online

August 29, 2006

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