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XUBÁZ™ Functional Neckwear is a scarf for all seasons. It is also the first product to enter the functional neckwear market segment.

Designed in 2006 by Bernt Kuhlmann, XUBÁZ is a twist on the common scarf. By adding strategically placed pockets, and patented straps (called Xues™ Accessories) for extra security, it becomes a functional yet stylish repository for small personal items such as credit cards, cell phones, cash and keys.

XUBÁZ™ Functional Neckwear can be used in the winter in addition to a jacket or coat, and in the summer in lieu of a jacket, coat, handbag or wallet.


XUBÁZ™ Functional Neckwear, ©2006 KuhlContent, LLC – Patent Pending
Xues™ accessories, ©2006 KuhlContent, LLC – Patent Pending

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XUBÁZ Functional Neckwear – © 2006 KuhlContent, LLC – Patent Pending
XUES Accessories – © 2006 KuhlContent, LLC – Patent Pending