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I like wearing jackets, except when it is warm outside. But I have found that I would put on a jacket, even on a hot summer day, for a business lunch, or for a trip, just so I would have my money, my credit cards and my travel documents handy.

I am on a plane a lot, traveling both in the U.S. and abroad, and I would catch myself all too often, needing a pen, or a five Dollar bill for a beer, while recognizing that the pen, and the wallet are in my jacket, which is in the overhead bin…

But what if there was an apparel product that had pockets, without the bulk that comes with a jacket or a coat? It might just help a whole lot of people to lighten up - literally - while traveling, or going about their business.

This was the seed for XUBÁZ™ Functional Neckwear. I quickly arrived at the concept of a scarf with pockets, simply because it feels so natural. After all, scarves have been around for centuries. My wife - liked it too, and she started to use one of those first XUBÁZ right away. She appreciated the new product especially while traveling, as it left her "hands-free" to hold on to our children in those crowded airports.

Our prototypes were pretty basic at the time, but people took notice: "Wow it's got pockets! How cool!" was the comment we heard again and again.

But the product didn't quite work yet. I noticed that more often than not, my scarf with pockets was in the way, while I bent down, loading the car's trunk, or a sudden gust of wind would lift it right off my shoulders. That's when the Xues™ accessories were born, even though the name came quite a bit later. At first they were just straps that I'd tie around my belt loops to keep the XUBÁZ in place. Then we added the little alligator grips and made the whole assembly adjustable, so it would work for people of different height.

Since then our product concept has been refined further. The pocket design has been improved, and we have introduced a single layer XUBÁZ design, which is even more light-weight than the original - double layer - design. We have also narrowed down our fabric choices to fabrics that drape well, have a soft hand, yet are strong enough to support pockets stuffed with I-Pods, passports, keys and all those other items one needs to have handy while on the move…

In the spring of 2008 we decided to branch out into fashion. Because scarves are so visible, and because wearing scarves - year around - has come back as a major fashion trend, we are confident that our product, married to exquisite fabrics, prints and textures, merges function and style in a completely new and intriguing way. Be sure to check out our preview page while you are visiting this site. It will give you an idea of what products will be available later this year, and into 2009.

Stay tuned!

Bernt Kuhlmann, August 2008
Founder and President


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